DrZurita Ona, DrZ, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California. Her work is dedicated to helping all her clients to get “unstuck from fear-based reactions” and live the life they want to live.DrZ. has significant experience – over 17 years – working with individuals dealing with fear-based struggles such as perfectionism, procrastination, uncertainty, decision-making, phobias, OCD, panic, and any other anxiety-related difficulties. DrZ is the founder of the East Bay Behavior Therapy Center, a boutique therapy practice, where she offers therapy, coaching, and focused interventions based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and contextual-behavioral science.DrZ is the author of 6 books and has been nominated as a Fellow of the Association of Contextual Behavioral Science.DrZ is the host of the podcast Playing it Safe , in which she shares compassionate, actionable and evidence-based skills – based on ACT to handle fear-based struggles and normalize anxiety-based reactions as part of our day-to-day lives.Personal website: Dr. Z’s personal website P A T R I C I A   E.   Z U R I T A    O N A,  P S Y.  D.I work with overachievers & overthinkers to get them unstuck from fear-based struggles & ineffective playing-it-safe actions so they can do what works, what matters, and what they care aboutDirector | East Bay Behavior Therapy Center Fellow | Association of Contextual Behavioral SciencePersonal website: Dr Z’s personal websiteWorkbooks: Dr Z’s workbooksTherapy/coaching website: | EastbaybehaviortherapycenterPhone/Fax: 925.956.4636

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