What Makes Lightfully Teen Shine?

Changing Lives, Compassionately

Lightfully Teen is one of the 1st and only healthcare communities dedicated to the primary mental health of 12-17 year-olds. Our teams provide the clinical expertise you deserve with kindness and compassion, delivering meaningful results. Change isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help.

Our Vision and North Star

Lightfully Teen is a mental healthcare organization in which each person is seen, heard, and valued as their authentic selves. We take care of ourselves and one another, so that we may all LIGHT, fully.

The Lightfully Teen Mission

Lightfully Teen is centered in holistic, compassionate principles that lead the way for every person in the organization. These guiding values hold us accountable to our Seven Shining Commitments:

Lightfully’s 7 Shining Commitments



To reflect light and


Wabi Sabi

To appreciate beauty and
accept imperfection



To approach with empathy
and kindness


Clear is Kind

To communicate directly
in the spirit of growth


Be Brave

To choose courage
over comfort



To be authentic and



To show up and
do hard things

Lightfully’s Dedicated Focus?
Primary Mental Health

Lightfully Behavioral Health is one of the first and only mental healthcare providers focused solely on primary mental health care: treating the whole person with clinical expertise, deep compassion, and a rigorous commitment to measurable results.

Lightfully Teen’s Three Levels of Care

Because each person’s circumstances are unique, your treatment at Lightfully Teen will be as well. Based on your specific needs and goals, the mental health care you receive may involve different levels of care. At Lightfully Teen, we offer Residential Treatment, along with our Partial Hospitalization Program, and/or our Intensive Outpatient Program. The Lightfully Teen Admissions Team is ready to help answer your questions, speak to your concerns, and advise on next steps for treatment.

Residential Treatment (RTC)

24-7 Support and Supervision

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

5-7 Days/Week, ~6 Hours Per Day

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

3-5 Days/Week, ~3 Hours Per Day

24-hour residential care in a beautiful, home-based setting

Treatment while living
at home