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Clinical Evidence:

Precision Mental Health Treatment for Adults and Teens

Lightfully was a life-changing experience! I came here at an all-time low in my life, and I’m leaving at an all-time high. I feel empowered to use all the tools I learned. Every single person here helped me on my recovery journey.



You’re Not Alone

130m Americans Report Suffering From Anxiety or Depression



of all adults reported suffering from anxiety or depressive disorder in 2021, up from only 10% as recently as 2019.


11 min

an American dies by suicide, and suicide is now the fourth-leading cause of death in the country.


of individuals with serious mental illnesses achieve recovery with appropriate treatment.

Lightfully’s Dedicated Focus?
Precision Mental Health

Lightfully Behavioral HealthTM is one of the first and only mental healthcare providers focused solely on primary mental health care: treating the whole person with clinical expertise, deep compassion, and a rigorous commitment to measurable results.

Our Revolutionary Clinical Approach

Lightfully has pioneered the use of Precision Care Model: A carefully selected synergy of treatment interventions focused on your immediate needs and bigger goals.

The benefit of PCM? A more personalized, holistic mental health treatment that’s designed specifically for you. We’re one of the first and only behavioral healthcare providers in the nation with a focus on PCM.

Significant Clinical Improvements

Lightfully Behavioral Health Treatment Lowers Depression,
Anxiety, PTSD, and Suicide Risk


Reduction in
Depression Scores


Reduction in
Anxiety Scores


Reduction in
PTSD Scores

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Our clinical purpose is to see, value, and work with the light in everyone, helping them to achieve more meaningful and measurable transformation. Ready to connect?

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