Panic Disorders

What are Panic Disorders?

Far too many people have experienced the horrors that accompany a panic attack. That sudden wave of fear that overtakes your body, the helplessness of struggling to breathe, feeling like you’re having a heart attack – or even dying. Panic attacks are very real and can be emotionally debilitating. For many people, the experience of a panic attack is a one-time occurrence, without experiencing any further episodes or complications. However, for those experiencing recurring panic attacks, there is a possibility that these attacks may constitute a more serious condition known as Panic Disorder.

How Can Panic Disorders Impact Your Life?

According to the National Institute on Mental Health, Panic Disorder is one of the most treatable of all the variations of anxiety disorders. Like most mental health and behavioral health disorders, early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to success. And the treatment itself can take on many forms, including that residential or inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient rehabs (IOP), and even private therapy with trained therapists, psychologists, or even psychiatrists. A word of caution, however: Those seeking qualified treatment for panic disorders (and mental health issues in general), whether residential/inpatient or outpatient, will often find greater options in regions like Los Angeles and Southern California, among others, for instance, which tend to exist on the cusp of advanced mental health treatment services.

Nearly 6 million Americans are diagnosed with Panic Disorder annually, and this condition tends to be more prevalent in women than in men. Beyond the panic attack, one should seek treatment, whether residential, inpatient or outpatient, if he or she experiences frequent or unexpected panic attacks that aren’t necessarily tied to a specific situation.

Unfortunately, panic attacks and similar high-anxiety type situations can oftentimes lead individuals to avoid certain places and/or situations that they believe to be the cause of such attacks, which can in turn drastically disrupt their day-to-day routine.

When looking at the overall scope of mental health and behavioral health illnesses, panic disorders are most closely associated with conditions like anxiety and PTSD. Residential treatment centers offering effective recovery for these conditions will, in most cases, utilize a broad scope approach that involves combinations of therapy, counseling, medication, diet/nutrition, holistic therapies, etc. Looking at it from a regional perspective, however, there are definite benefits associated with mental health treatment center locations such as California for instance, and specifically, Southern California (Los Angeles, Malibu, Orange County, etc.), whereas a much broader service base exists within the scope of behavioral/mental health treatment.

What Are The Symptoms Of Panic Disorders?

When looking at the overall scope of mental health and behavioral health illnesses, panic disorders are most closely associated with conditions like anxiety and PTSD. As is the case with any illness or condition, education is often the first and most important step in the treatment process. Being familiar with the signs and symptoms of panic disorder can make the difference between lasting and effective treatment and prolonged, unnecessary suffering. Even worse, lack of education and understanding can cause one to take a wrong approach in treatment and find themselves having spent thousands and wasting critical time toward an inevitably ineffective solution.

How Can Lightfully Help With Your Panic Disorder?

At Lightfully Behavioral Health, we realize the importance of having a common language to describe symptoms the individual might be experiencing. Even so, we see our clients as more than just their diagnoses. Clients can expect an integrated and inclusive treatment plan from an exceptionally equipped team that focuses on the core processes which underlie their symptoms and all human suffering. In this way, we work to help the client develop an integrated self and a more balanced, meaningful life.

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