Residential Programs (RTC)

Residential Treatment Program for Adult Clients

We offer a variety of adult mental health programs to our prospective clients, including our Residential Treatment Programs. We offer this mental health service to people of all genders aged 18 and above. Our team sees clients dealing with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders, personality disorders, chronic suicidality, and also those performing self-harm.

If you’re an adult with any of these disorders or symptoms, we invite you to try our Residential Treatment Program. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality clinical treatment to each client in an environment where they feel understood and accepted.

Spot the Lightfully Difference in Our PBT-Based Residential Treatment Program

It’s estimated that 1 out of every 20 adults experiences serious mental illness per year. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of adults who’ve reported experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety has hit a staggering 40%. Lightfully wants to improve the experiences of as many people as possible and reduce human suffering. We’re a team of passionate health care professionals dedicated to improving the lives of others and increasing access to high-quality mental health treatment.

You can spot the Lightfully difference in our innovative and groundbreaking approach to treatment. We use a clinical model called Process Based Therapy (PBT). Under this clinical model, you can expect to be treated as a unique and complex human being. We avoid treating clients in a way that makes them feel like they’re just their diagnosis. Our talented staff has undergone a rigorous Equip Training program so that we can provide the highest level of treatment to our clients. If you’re interested in other treatment options apart from residential programs, you may be interested in one of our several treatment levels: Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP); Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (vIOP).

Everything You Need to Know About Our Residential Treatment Programs

Residential Mental Health Treatment Conejo Valley, CA

Lightfully Behavioral Health provides Residential Treatment to our clients in the Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, the Bay Area and San Diego, California, regions. We offer 24-hour Residential Treatment in a home-based environment designed to promote the comfort and support of our clients during their treatment. Some of the specific perks of our unique Residential Treatment Program include:

  • Individualized weekly treatment plan
  • Three individual sessions a week led by a primary therapist
  • Family sessions once a week
  • Daily oversight from experienced nurses
  • Sessions with a staff psychiatrist once a week
  • Option to meet with the collective treatment team each week
  • Option to have up to five group sessions per day led by clinicians
  • Safe & Sound Emotion Regulation sessions
  • On-site yoga and movement opportunities
  • Weekly outings to apply newly learned skills
  • On-site chef