What does it feel like to experience suicidality?

Suicidality is an inescapable sense of despair that triggers thoughts of and behaviors aimed at ending your own life. If you’re experiencing suicidality, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that more than 12.1 million U.S. adults have serious suicidal thoughts. People experiencing suicidality often have significant difficulty engaging in social support, feeling a sense of purpose and regulating their emotions.

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Suicidality causes unique experiences for every person it affects, but there are certain experiences that people with this condition tend to have in common. Signs and symptoms may include withdrawing from their normal social interactions; feeling that they’re trapped or hopeless; increased anxiety, agitation and other personality changes. 

Warning signs that may indicate that someone is at risk for suicide include bringing up suicidal thoughts in casual conversation, saying goodbye to people as if it’s the last time they will see them, and actively seeking a means to end their life, such as buying a gun or pills. 

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