Mental Health Online Support Group

Free mental health recovery resources
for those seeking treatment.

Free Mental Health Support Group

Every Thursday from 12-1pm PST
(2pm CST & 3pm EST)

Our online mental health support groups are facilitated by Rebecca Wolfslau, LPC National Director of Admissions, and Felisa Schneider, MS Admissions Counselor.


  • Lightfully Support Groups are available at no cost to support adults
    of all genders in their mental health recovery process.
  • This Support Group is pro-recovery, and its goals are to help people
    dealing with mental health challenges know they’re not alone, reduce
    stigma and shame, collaborate on solutions to common challenges,
    and inspire hope.
  • We ask that all Support Group participants read and respect our
    Online Support Group Guidelines.

Meet Our Support Group Facilitators

Rebecca Wolfslau, LPC

National Director of Admissions

Felisa Schneider, MS

Admissions Counselor

Who is this Online Support Group Intended to Help?

  • This group is intended for those actively experiencing mental health challenges.
  • This group is not intended for family, friends, or providers as this may change the dynamic and safety of the group.
  • While people of all motivation levels are welcome, our discussions are pro-recovery, pro-treatment, and compassion-aligned.

What is this Online Support Group Not Intended For?

This group does not provide therapy or therapeutic care.  This is a support group focused on working through the barriers associated with receiving mental healthcare. 

    What to Expect In This Online Mental Health Support Group Community

    The group facilitator will admit you into the group, giving a few minutes for everyone to join. The facilitator will then walk through the guidelines to ensure a safe and supportive environment. New members are encouraged to utilize Zoom emojis so the online community can welcome them. Each discussion is prompted with a quote or topic, though the conversation is fluid and participants can raise their hand to share. Most people have their cameras on, and being able to see all participants
    is strongly encouraged to foster community and connection. Each meeting is 1 hour long.

      Online Mental Health Support Group Benefits

      • Feeling connected and less alone
      • Relating to others dealing with similar challenges
      • Reducing shame by normalizing common struggles
      • A safe, moderated space where discussions about mental health are respected – not challenged or triggering
      • Feeling seen, heard, and listened to
      • Brainstorming solutions and ideas as a collective group
      • Practice advocating for yourself in a safe, mindful environment
      • Virtual access to the Support Group, no matter your location

      We’re here to support you in your mental
      health journey. Taking the first step can feel difficult; getting started is easy.