Residential Programs at Lightfully Teen

While weekly or biweekly therapy sessions can be beneficial for a teenager, sometimes a little extra help is needed. Having around-the-clock care and support in a comfortable, safe space can allow teens to focus solely on improving their mental health and mental disorder symptoms.

Residential programs can be a solution for teenagers who have symptoms of a mental health disorder and are putting themselves or others at risk. Lightfully Teen offers a Residential Treatment Program with personalized plans that are designed specifically for each person.

What Is a Residential Program?

A residential program takes place in a mental health facility that offers extended stays for teens with severe mental health disorder symptoms that put them in danger to themselves or others. It’s often used as a treatment option following a mental health crisis, especially crises that required hospitalization from suicide risk and self-harm.

Residential programs allow you to stay in a homey location for several weeks to receive 24/7 behavioral and mental health care. The goal is to help you move through your mental health journey by learning how to manage your symptoms with coping mechanisms and healthy emotional expression in a secure facility.

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Residential Treatment offers many benefits, including helping you:

  • Take responsibility for behavior
  • Remove yourself from distractions during your mental health journey
  • Eliminate access to harmful substances or objects
  • Follow structured routines with continuous support
  • Gain skills that you can implement into your daily life
  • Learn healthy habits

What Does the Lightfully Teen Residential Program Consist Of?

Our residential programs for teens can give you the time, space and support required to work through your mental health problems. Then you can return to school, your hobbies and your relationships with an improved understanding about how to manage your mental disorder symptoms.

Stays at Lightfully Teen’s Residential Treatment Centers, or RTCs, can last between four and six weeks. We provide a personalized treatment plan specifically for your mental health disorder symptoms and medical requirements. Your plan will feature a combination of therapies, activities and health care supervision.

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Each week at a Lightfully Teen RTC includes:

  • Three one-on-one sessions with a primary therapist
  • One family session
  • One session with a psychiatrist
  • Multiple group sessions led by clinicians
  • Safe & Sound Emotion Regulation sessions
  • Exposure-based outings to practice new skills
  • On-site yoga and movement opportunities
Lightfully Teen Residential Treatment Centers also feature an on-site chef and nursing oversight with the highest level of medication support. You will also be able to continue your education with our certified teachers so that you don’t fall behind during treatment.

Lightfully Behavioral Health Offers Residential Programs for Teens

When you need further support beyond outpatient services, residential programs may be the answer. After you’ve dealt with a mental health crisis, our residential programs can give you a secure and welcoming environment to focus on getting better mentally and emotionally.

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Lightfully Behavioral Health has the deep experience and expertise to help people with the following specific diagnoses and symptoms:

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