Frequently Asked Questions About Lightfully Teen

As a teen, good mental health is essential for learning and growing into a happy and healthy adult. But the journey to get there isn’t always easy. If you’re a teen, or you’re the parent of one, struggling with mental health or mental health disorder symptoms, then Lightfully Teen programs can help.

But diving into a treatment program can be scary, especially if you don’t know how to start the process. The good news is that we have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions so that you can feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the treatment for you or your teen.

mental health care and therapist careers at Lightfully Behavioral Health

Can Lightfully Teen Mental Health Treatment Help Me?

Mental health is a journey with roadblocks that doesn’t have a finish line. Even though mental health disorders can’t be permanently cured, proper treatment can help manage your symptoms that interfere with your daily life and relationships. At Lightfully Teen, you will learn behavioral skills, coping mechanisms and emotional management. The goal is to help you work through the issues that are hurting your mental health by tackling them from every angle. At Lightfully Teen, our process-based therapy treats your entire well-being, not just your diagnosis.

At Lightfully Teen, we offer a variety of treatment programs to help you continue through your mental health journey: Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), also called our Day Treatment Program.

Even though we don’t offer inpatient treatment, Lightfully Teen programs can be great transitional options after inpatient care following a mental health crisis.

How Long Does Mental Health Treatment Take?

Everyone’s mental health journey is different, and so is their treatment. That means the time frame for Lightfully Teen treatment programs depends on the severity of your symptoms, how much you improve during the program and what goals you hope to accomplish before leaving. The good news is that you won’t fall behind on your schoolwork during treatment, as we have certified teachers that help you stay on top of your education while getting the treatment you need.

The general time frame for mental health treatment at Lightfully Teen depends on the level of care that you are admitted into. Residential Treatment is 24-hour care for 30 days. Our Partial Hospitalization Program/Day Treatment also lasts 30 days, but programming can range from five to seven days a week. Our Intensive Outpatient Program lasts 20 days, with three to five days of programming per week.

Mental Health Care Careers - Lightfully Behavioral Health
mental health care and therapist careers at Lightfully Behavioral Health

How Do I Schedule an Initial Appointment?

It’s wonderful that you chose Lightfully Teen as the next stepping stone in your mental health journey! When you’re ready to schedule your first appointment, you will start the admissions process by reaching out to a Lightfully admissions counselor here, or by calling 916-943-7745. Once they gather your information and answer any questions you may have, we will determine your insurance coverage by reaching out to your provider.

After your insurance is good to go, you’ll connect with one of our clinicians to determine how your needs can be met through our Lightfully levels of care. Once they’ve given their recommendations, you can set up an initial appointment with an admissions counselor at the date and time that works best for you.

What If I Don’t Want to Talk About Something?

It’s so easy to brush off your frustrated thoughts and negative feelings as no big deal. But your thoughts, experiences and feelings are valid. While we will never force you to discuss something that you’re not ready to share, it’s important to remember that stepping outside of your comfort zone can play a huge part in your growth and development. Lightfully Teen provides a safe and nonjudgmental space where you can be as open as possible.

Plus, you will have the support of your family throughout your treatment. Family therapy is essential for each Lightfully Teen program, which means you can have your loved ones by your side every step of the way.

mental health care and therapist careers at Lightfully Behavioral Health