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Treatment for Adult Clients

Our adult programming offers primary mental health treatment for all genders ages 18 and older dealing with mood disorder, anxiety disorder, trauma-related disorder, or personality disorder — or experiencing chronic suicidality and/or self-harm. With 1 in 20 adults experiencing serious mental illness each year and 40% of adults reporting depression or anxiety symptoms since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lightfully has taken a passionate position on bringing high-quality care and healing to as many humans suffering as possible.


The Lightfully Difference

Beyond just increasing access to high-quality mental health care—and especially for those with complex challenges—our Lightfully team is reimagining the delivery of that care through our groundbreaking new clinical model, which is rooted in Process-Based Therapy (PBT). You’ll be treated as a whole person rather than a diagnostic label by our exceptional staff who have completed our Equip Training program. To ensure you receive appropriate support along your journey to sustainable well-being we offer 4 levels of care, including residential treatment centers to partial hospitalization programs to intensive outpatient programs, all the way through virtual outpatient support.

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Lightfully Brentwood RTC - Lightfully Behavioral Health - Mental Health & Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles

Lightfully Brentwood RTC

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Lightfully Beverly Hills RTC - Lightfully Behavioral Health - Mental Health & Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Los Angeles

Lightfully Santa Monica RTC

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Lightfully Westwood PHP/IOP

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Lightfully Carlsbad RTC

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Lightfully Thousand Oaks RTC

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Lightfully Encinitas PHP/IOP

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Lightfully Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

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Lightfully Thousand Oaks PHP/IOP Day Treatment Location

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We want to help you find your shine again. We also know the first step is the hardest. We’re here to help.

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