Dr. Nicole Siegfried PhD., CEDS, How to Talk With Kids About What Happened in Uvalde

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Lightfully Behavioral Health’s Dr. Nicole Siegfried PhD., CEDS, on how to talk with kids about what happened in Uvalde.

In the short video that aired on NBC 4 News, parents expressed their frustration and feelings about keeping their children safe after the Uvalde shooting. Then, in an interview with Darsha Phillips, Dr. Siegfried provides some advice to the parents on how to talk with their children about the situation. Dr. Siegfried points out that even though it’s hard to talk about what happened, parents need to spend time talking about the shooting in Uvalde with their kids. If not, she says, ignoring the subject could escalate anxiety. She recommends speaking to children as young as kindergarten and keeping the message simple. Dr. Siegfried says that it’s important for parents to talk to someone about how the school shooting has affected them emotionally before talking to her parents.


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