Dr. Nicole Siegfried PhD., CEDS, joined KABC for Mental Health Monday to talk about setting mental health goals for the new year.  Dr. Siegfried discussed the reality that most people are focused on physical health when setting new year’s resolutions, but that it’s important to also highlight the aspect of mental health as part of your “new year, new you” plans.

Focusing on mental health may provide better well-being than a physical health goal which gets forgotten after the first month. Dr. Nicole Sigfried recommends SMART goals – specific / simplistic, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals that are easy to define. One such goal can be as simple as setting up a therapy appointment. While it may be daunting, there are several online guides to help. The progress in the stigma around mental health means that more and more people understand that you don’t need to be in a severe state of mental illness to seek therapy. Even those with minor struggles such as the adjustment to a new job can benefit from Psychotherapy. Dr. Siegfried advises not to wait until things get severe but to think of therapy as a preventative.

For those with budget concerns, there are therapists who are more flexible and have more financially viable options. There are also support groups, which are often free.  NAMI, the National Association of Mental Illness, has resources for low income options.

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