Lightfully Behavioral Health Opens First Of Three Thousand Oaks Mental Health Facilities To Close The Gap In Acute Mental Healthcare And Suicidality
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Interior photo of Lightfully's LA location

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIF., (MAY 12, 2022) – Newly launched health care startup, Lightfully Behavioral Health, a mental health treatment provider that seeks to increase access to its high-quality primary mental health care services through its ‘Process-Based Therapy’ (PBT) clinical model, will open its newest facility in Thousand Oaks, Calif., on May 16, the first of three slated to open in the Conejo Valley this year. 

The PBT clinical model is grounded in addressing the whole person and their core challenges, while meticulously tracking results for measurable outcomes. Lightfully’s Thousand Oaks residential treatment center in particular will address adult clients with primary mental health disorders including mood, anxiety, personality, and trauma-related disorders. 

The Thousand Oaks area currently lacks a variety of choices, as mental health services in the region are more focused on addiction and eating disorders, and not the more common mid-acuity primary mental health issues like anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, depression, and trauma. 

Each year in the United States, roughly 46,000 Americans die by suicide. The risk for death by suicide after discharge from the hospital is 100x greater than the rates of suicide in the general population. In response, Lightfully’s treatment centers are filing the gap in treatment for suicidality. 

“Recognizing that over 90% of people who die by suicide have experienced symptoms of a mental health condition, Lightfully Behavioral Health offers a unique care model that provides patients access to resources they need at lower levels of care,” said Dr. Nicole Siegfried, PhD, CEDS, Chief Clinical Officer of Lightfully Behavioral Health. “At Lightfully, we treat suicidality directly as its own process, separate from a diagnosis, which provides clients with new ways of interacting with their thoughts and emotions to promote hope and healing from the inside out.”

The initial Thousand Oaks facility is a 6-bed residential treatment center that will begin accepting clients May 16. Approximately 17 employees will be hired including a director of clinical operations, a program manager, two primary therapists, one group therapist, a chef, a licensed vocational nurse and approximately 10 client care technicians. 

Lightfully’s founders include health care veteran executive Jennifer Steiner and four female industry experts with more than 70 years of combined experience launching and scaling behavioral health businesses. Lightfully opened 3 mental health facilities in Los Angeles in March of 2022, 1 in Carlsbad in April, and will open a total of 18 facilities in California markets in the coming 18 months, including those in Carlsbad, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, and San Jose areas. It plans to hire more than 190 staff members in the next year. 


About Lightfully Behavioral Health

Lightfully Behavioral Health is a leader in primary mental health treatment providing high-quality, evidenced-based programming with a full continuum of services to meet the needs of commercially insured clients. Our mission is to change lives, compassionately. We treat clients with a primary diagnosis of a mental health disorder in the following diagnostic categories: Mood disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma-Related Disorders, and Personality Disorders. Lightfully is one of the first and only behavioral health organizations built around Process-Based Therapy, which is a clearly defined framework that delivers more personalized and holistic care. Our seasoned, all-female executive team brings over 70 years of experience and a proven track record of success in the mental health market. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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