Schizophrenia & Thought Disorders

Treatment For Schizophrenia & Thought Disorders

Are you suffering from schizophrenia or a thought disorder? Read on to learn more about Schizophrenia & Thought Disorders and how Lightfully can help.

What Is A Thought Disorder?

People with Thought Disorders perceive and interact with the world in a distinct way. Thought Disorders are characterized by disorganized thinking, which often manifests in non-linear and cluttered thoughts and speech.

How Can Schizophrenia or Thought Disorders Impact Your Life?

Thought Disorders include Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorders, and have the following effects:

  • Delusions: are firmly held beliefs that are inaccurate. People may believe something that didn’t actually happen.
  • Hallucinations: are sensory experiences that are believed to be true, yet are false.
  • Disorganized thinking and speech is a byproduct of a fractured cognitive process common in Schizophrenia. People with Thought Disorders may be tangential in conversation and ideas.
  • Disorganized behavior: is prevalent in Thought Disorders as it impairs goal-oriented thinking, an overall inability to complete tasks, take care of oneself, and a lack of impulse control. Often people with disorganized behavior are unable to function in a normal way with a deterioration of motor skills, awkward body language, and unresponsiveness.

What Are The Symptoms Of Schizophrenia and Other Thought Disorders?

Schizophrenia Disorder: Schizophrenia is a chronic mental health disorder that typically appears in adolescents and adults between the ages of 16 and 30. It is characterized by delusions, hallucinations, and poor cognitive and executive functioning. Those struggling with Schizophrenia often present symptoms that suggest they are not fully connected with reality and are unable to process thoughts in a typical and linear fashion.

Schizo-affective Disorder: Schizoaffective Disorder is characterized by the prevalence of both Schizophrenia and a mood disorder, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Those experiencing Schizo-affective Disorder struggle with typical thought disorder-related symptoms such as disorganized thinking and hallucinations, but also may experience bouts of mania, pervasive sadness, and extreme fluctuations in their mood.

Psychosis: Psychosis is a symptom and not a disorder and is typified by a mental health break from reality. Psychosis is commonly tied to Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorder but can also be induced by substance abuse, intense trauma, or physical illness.

How Can Lightfully Help With Your Thought Disorder?

At Lightfully Behavioral Health, we realize the importance of having a common language to describe symptoms the individual might be experiencing. Even so, we see our clients as more than just their diagnoses. Clients can expect an integrated and inclusive treatment plan from an exceptionally equipped team that focuses on the core processes which underlie their symptoms and all human suffering. In this way, we work to help the client develop an integrated self and a more balanced, meaningful life.

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