What Can You Learn From Taking a Bipolar Disorder Quiz?
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Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder. This mood disorder has the ability to affect a person’s daily functioning, including their ability to hold a steady job, do well in school and maintain stable relationships with others. It affects nearly 10 million adults in the U.S. Bipolar disorder is most commonly split into three different categories. These include bipolar 1 disorder, bipolar 2 disorder and cyclothymic disorder. Most people first experience symptoms around their mid-20s, but it can also develop in young and older adults. It affects both men and women almost equally.

Are you concerned that you might be dealing with bipolar disorder? Fortunately, you can take our bipolar disorder quiz while remaining anonymous so that our team of professionals can identify your symptoms. All it takes is a few minutes, your email and your phone number. From there, we’ll reach out to you with your quiz results. If your results indicate that you may be dealing with bipolar disorder, we’ll refer you to the mental health treatment that can help. 

People who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder have a high risk of suicidality. This risk is just one reason why treatment is so important. If you’re unsure whether you should take our bipolar disorder quiz, read here for some compelling reasons why you should.

What takeaways can someone get from a bipolar disorder quiz?

There is a lot to learn from a bipolar disorder quiz — especially if you’re unfamiliar with this specific mental health disorder. These are just a few possible takeaways:

  • Awareness of certain patterns or behaviors — One of the key takeaways that you can get from a bipolar disorder quiz is awareness of the patterns and behaviors you frequently exhibit. Perhaps you didn’t realize you often exhibited manic and depressive patterns or never thought your symptoms were related. Taking the bipolar disorder quiz can bring more attention to types of behaviors that might indicate the presence of a mood disorder. 
  • Insight into the symptoms of bipolar disorder — Another possible takeaway from our bipolar disorder quiz is what the symptoms of bipolar disorder really look like. The quiz provides descriptions of symptoms in everyday applications and can reframe the typical characterizations of bipolar disorder. Regardless of the outcome of your quiz, you’ll likely walk away with a better understanding of bipolar disorder symptoms. 
  • Direction toward mental health resources and treatment — Taking a bipolar disorder quiz like ours can also point you toward helpful resources. At the end of our quiz, we ask that you submit your email and phone number. From there, we’ll analyze your quiz answers and return your results. We’ll provide you with additional contact information and resources if your results indicate that you may be dealing with bipolar disorder. Our mental health professionals will evaluate if you may benefit from treatment for bipolar disorder and point you in the right direction from there. 
  • Understanding that you’re not alone — We hope that by the end of your quiz, you’ll learn that you’re not alone. Whether bipolar disorder is the mental health disorder that you’re dealing with or not, there are many others just like you. Mental health disorders can often make you feel isolated, but we want you to understand that many clients before you have benefited from treatment for their condition. 

Let Lightfully help you get the treatment you need for your bipolar disorder

Our mission at Lightfully is to provide high-quality mental health care to clients just like you through a focused approach to process-based therapy. The framework of our clinic consists of evidence-based, clearly defined, data-driven and whole-person-centered care. Whether you’re dealing with bipolar disorder or another mental health condition, we want to help you. 

Lightfully offers various levels of care to both adults and teens: Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), also referred to as our Day Treatment Program. We also offer a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (vIOP) for adults. Don’t let your bipolar disorder symptoms continue to rule over your life. Reach out to a specialist today. We’ve dealt with many clients who’ve been diagnosed with mental health disorders just like yours and we’ve helped them get to the other side. At Lightfully, we guide our clients toward positive mental health outcomes so that they can live longer, happier lives.

Change is possible. When you’re ready to take the first step, reach out to our Admissions Concierge Team. We’ll take the next steps together, toward the fullest, brightest version of you.

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