Lightfully Behavioral Health Embarks on 30-Facility Expansion Plan
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Lightfully Behavioral Health’s Five-Year Plan

Lightfully Behavioral Health is bucking the trend of entrepreneurs in health care going all-in on digital. The Thousand Oaks, California-based company has launched a five-year plan to open 30 outpatient mental health facilities in California, Colorado, and Washington. Lightfully Behavioral Health plans to expand its outpatient facilities in California over the next 18 months with further plans for the next five years. Lightfully Behavioral Health focuses its clinical approach on a process-based therapy model and is backed by the New York City-based healthcare-focused private equity firm Regal Healthcare Capital Partners. Lightfully Behavioral Health plans to bring a level of professionalization to the facility-based mental health services space.

Lightfully Behavioral Health has so far revolutionized the mental health services space with its process-based therapy model and made waves in the professional mental health services industry. The company’s acquisitions and expansion throughout California have made not only a splash in the mental health outpatient facilities world but also has made a noticeable difference for the members of the community where these new mental health facilities have opened. If you want to more about Lightfully’s services for depression and anxiety, take a look at how Lightfully approaches process-based therapy.

Learn more about Lightfully’s acquisition of Resilience Treatment Center. Read the press release.

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