65% of Students Prefer In-Person Learning, New Survey Finds
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65% of Students Prefer In-Person Learning, New Survey Finds

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The Healthline article discusses a recent Pew Research survey that found that 65% of teen students prefer in-person schooling as opposed to hybrid or remote learning. However, there were significant differences in preference according to ethnic group.

Pew Research also took a look at what was happening in classrooms right now. 80% of teens are currently regularly attending in-person classes, while 11% reported hybrid classes and 8% were remote. Almost half of the teens living in households under $30,000 reported trouble completing homework due to lack of reliable internet or a computer.

Most teens said they had little concern about falling behind in school due to remote education during the pandemic. 30% of parents, however, worried that their children’s education was affected.

For parents that need help to transition their teens back to in-person school, the article supplies the following advice. Experts say that teens need social interaction to develop properly and learn societal norms and rules. They also say teens need environments that help sustain and cultivate curiosity, focus, and tolerance of uncertainty. Parents are advised to focus on building morning and evening routines, and to not try to solve their children’s problems but rather ask open-ended questions and provide affirmations and validation. Finally, the article warns that the pandemic added to a pre-existing teen mental health crisis that we’re only beginning to address.

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