Thousand Oaks Adult RTC: Halo

Our Structured, Supportive Mental Health Treatment in Thousand Oaks

Located in beautiful Thousand Oaks, this home welcomes adults with a variety of primary mental health diagnoses. Embodying our process-based therapy clinical model, our Residential Treatment locations provide a modern space for healing, growth and clarity. Our residential locations also provide an intimate and safe setting for therapeutic engagement. 

The treatment we offer here is customized for each person by licensed clinicians and Client Care Techs — both of whom are extensively trained to effectively and compassionately work with and support the specific needs of each client. Begin your mental health treatment here at our Thousand Oaks location or join us as you transition from a higher level of care.

Our Structured, Supportive Mental Health Treatment in Thousand Oaks

We’re here to meet you where you are today in your mental health journey and walk with you as you progress through its phases. At our Thousand Oaks RTC location, we seek to honor the unique needs and experiences of each person. This location also provides clients with many benefits that are intended to help them progress in their treatment. A few of the benefits you’ll find at our Thousand Oaks location include: 

Personalized, Holistic Treatment Plans

We create treatment plans that combine a variety of evidence-based techniques, which allows us to provide individualized, holistic care to every client. The treatment plans we offer encourage clients to: 

  • Develop healthy life management skills
  • Cultivate a greater sense of autonomy 
  • Build an increased level of self-efficacy 

Inviting Therapy and Common Spaces

Our Thousand Oaks location’s therapy rooms are warm, inviting spaces for both individual and family therapy. Additionally, there are several sitting rooms and lounge spaces. In these spaces, clients have plenty of room to rest, recharge and connect. 

Tranquil Individual and Shared Bedrooms

All the bedrooms at Lightfully’s Thousand Oaks location are built to be tranquil spaces for clients. They achieve this tranquility with gorgeous lighting and design elements that impart a healing sense of warmth and levity. Individual and shared rooms are both available at this Lightfully location.

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Emily Eckstein
Emily Eckstein, PysD, LMFT | Vice President of Regional Operations
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949 El Segundo Dr.,
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We want to help you find your shine again. We also know the first step is the hardest. We’re here to help.