Adolescent Behavioral Services Uses Unique PBT Model
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Adolescent Behavioral Services Uses Unique PBT Model

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In a recent article, Lightfully Behavioral Health sat down with The Behavioral Health Hour to discuss their unique Process Based Therapy or PBT model and its use in adolescents. Process Based Therapy focuses less on the adolescent as well as using less big words, says Megan Ledet, Vice President of Adolescent Programming at Lightfully. She also points out that there is more of a process than the traditional diagnosis and treatment model. PBT borrows other methods of therapy, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a more traditional treatment model that is a type of talk therapy, which has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of mental health conditions

Lightfully is opening their first adolescent-only treatment center in California in October.  In addition, their online therapy option will be incorporated into the continuum of care for adolescents, since virtual online intensive outpatient therapy is, according to researchers, as effective as in-person therapy.

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