What is Equip training?

Equip is a competency-based and feedback-driven method of training in which Lightfully employees are equipped with intentionally-paced education, practice, and feedback to build mastery and enrich professional fulfillment.

  • Competency-Based
    • Measurable competencies are operationalized specific to discipline.
  • Feedback-Driven
    • Learn, practice, share™
    • “Clear-is-kind” feedback
    • Peer collaboration
  • Mastery-Oriented
    • Employee must achieve mastery in a competency level prior to moving to the next level.
  • Intentionally-Paced
    • Employee moves through training according to their specific acquired proficiency
    • Equipped prior to Implementation
    • Employees must complete specific levels of training prior to beginning work

Why did we develop Equip?

Training must be intentional, systematized, and competency-based. Why?

  • The practice of psychotherapy is an art and a science. Clinicians require training beyond their degree to perform case conceptualization, data-driven clinical decision making, and treatment mapping.
  • Treatment of mental health disorders requires expertise in various therapeutic interventions, which demands therapist agility and versatility.
  • The psychotherapy setting does not naturally provide feedback to shape skills and competence.

Lightfully is a learning community.

Treating our clients is not a protocol-driven, cookie-cutter process.
We want employees to feel confident & competent in the work they do. We want them to build a path toward the career they desire by utilizing ongoing learning opportunities & creating space for feedback driven culture.

Clinicians will be trained in the art of data driven decision making and will find the tools they need to make in-the-moment decisions about the client’s treatment. They will be equipped with an array of interventions to use in a design specific to each client’s needs.

Treating our clients is not a protocol-driven, cookie-cutter process. Our training community creates space for & honors the complexity of treating human suffering.

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