Is Virtual Care Effective for My Adolescent?

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Is Virtual Care Effective for My Adolescent? 

When your adolescent or teen is struggling with mental health, it can feel overwhelming to find the support they need. One option commonly offered is virtual care. At Lightfully, we offer Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents. Our program supports adolescents and teens that are struggling with depression, anxiety or PTSD and offers the same therapeutic options that someone would get if they were attending our in-person IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) program.  

Virtual IOP is effective, as it allows adolescents to receive individual, family and group therapy while maintaining their life. They can practice the skills and tools they are learning in real time, in real life situations. It allows them to practice and come back to the program for support and explore what worked and what did not!  

At Lightfully, we have support for both adolescents and family, as well. When families participate in the treatment process it allows everyone to start the healing process. In the Virtual IOP, we have families participate in weekly family sessions and groups.  

When using evidence based treatment approaches, Virtual services can provide just as effective outcomes by the end of treatment. Our program offers therapists who are trained in evidence-based modalities that are effective in treating adolescents and their families. Our Virtual IOP program is not just a random mix of groups, therapists, and programming. We are dedicated to the treatment of adolescents and are here to support adolescents in a virtual space so our clients can have the best outcome possible.  

For some, Virtual IOP could be the start of a healing journey, for others it may be the step that supports the client in getting back to the life they deserve. Wherever you and/or your adolescent find yourself, Lightfully Virtual IOP is here to provide effective treatment.  

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