Lightfully Behavioral Health to Open its First Adolescent Residential Treatment Center to Meet Rising Youth Mental Health Issues
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Lightfully Behavioral Health to Open its First Adolescent Residential Treatment Center to Meet Rising Youth Mental Health Issues

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ENCINITAS, CALIF., (August 15, 2022) – Newly launched mental health care startup, Lightfully Behavioral Health, a rapidly growing mental health treatment provider based in Thousand Oaks, Calif., will open its first adolescent residential treatment center in Encinitas, Calif., in late August. This is Lightfully’s third San Diego center and one of eight facilities opened in California.  

The new world of always-on screens, social media, and other complex new challenges is taking its toll on the mental health of America’s adolescents. In 2021, the Centers for Disease Control reported 37 percent of high school students experienced mental health struggles, and 44 percent said they persistently felt sad or hopeless. Though these numbers were certainly influenced by the pandemic, adolescent mental wellness was already a growing concern pre-COVID.

“Adolescents are facing a mental health care crisis, and they need access to care that is designed to meet their specific needs,” says Lightfully CEO Jennifer Steiner. “A big part of the Lightfully mission is to provide that care, and it’s why we’re opening eight more adolescent treatment programs for teens over the next year.

Adolescent Mental Health Treatment In Southern California

Adolescents of all genders ages 12-17 with primary mental health disorders, including mood, depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders, along with suicidality and self-harm behaviors, are the facility’s specialty. The new Encinitas center is located at 1280 Santa Fe Drive, will provide care for as many as six clients. Lightfully Behavioral Health will begin operations and start accepting patients in early August. Lightfully will hire approximately 15-18 employees, including a director of clinical operations, a program manager, two primary therapists, a group therapist, a chef, an LVN, a certified teacher, and seven to nine client care technicians.

Adolescent Mental Health Treatment 

Adolescent treatment offerings currently lack a variety of choices, as mental health services in the Southern California region are more focused on addiction and eating disorders. Lightfully Behavioral Health seeks to increase access to high-quality primary mental health care services through its ‘Process Based Therapy’ (PBT) clinical model, which addresses the whole person and their core challenges and tracks results for measurable outcomes of individuals whose depression, anxiety, personality disorder, PTSD and other trauma-related disorders disrupt their daily life. 

“Since the adolescent brain is still ‘under construction,’ we have such a unique opportunity to help shape their experiences,” says Megan Ledet, LCSW, vice-president of Lightfully’s Adolescent Services. “When asked, adolescents sometimes struggle to verbalize their feelings and thoughts, and that’s because they truly require assistance to understand those internal workings. At Lightfully, we’ve developed a treatment program specifically designed to help adolescents better understand themselves and their world.”

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About Lightfully Behavioral Health’s Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Centers

Lightfully Behavioral Health is a leader in primary mental health treatment providing high-quality, evidenced-based programming with a full continuum of services to meet the needs of commercially insured clients. Our mission is to change lives, compassionately. We treat clients with a primary diagnosis of a mental health disorder in the following diagnostic categories: Mood disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Trauma-Related Disorders, and Personality Disorders. Lightfully is one of the first and only behavioral health organizations built around Process Based Therapy, which is a clearly defined framework that delivers more personalized and holistic care. Our seasoned, all-female executive team brings more than 70 years of experience and a proven track record of success in the mental health market. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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