Lightfully Summer Reset Intensives

Have you been waiting for the right time to start receiving mental health treatment? 

We understand how challenging it can feel to get started! While there’s never a perfect time, our summer intensives are a practical, proactive way to take that critical first step toward a healthier sense of self.   

If you or someone you love is dealing with a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, trauma-related disorder, or personality disorder — or experiencing chronic suicidality and/or self-harm, we’re here to help. Starting May 2023, our Summer Reset Intensive is available across all four of  Lightfully’s levels of care, with a minimum of 2 weeks.   

Here’s what you can expect during your Summer Reset Intensive:  

  • 14-30 days of 24/7 Residential treatment, Outpatient treatment, or Virtual treatment, depending on your individual needs and issues. This timeframe can be extended based on clinical progress and level of need. Lightfully’s Reset Intensives include a combination of individual and group therapy sessions with ample time for leisure and personal time on your phone or device.   


  • Compassion and kindness through evidence-based clinical care. Lightfully’s licensed clinical therapists are here to help with your immediate needs and bigger goals.  


  • Lightfully’s unique approach to Process Based Therapy, our groundbreaking, data-based clinical model, provides a customized treatment plan specific to you and your needs.  


  • A variety of support options to help you apply treatment strategies that work in the real world, along with access to our aftercare and alumni groups.  

Each of our licensed clinical therapists is here to support you in your mental health journey and help equip you with the support and skills most helpful for long-term mental health and wellness. Starting mental health treatment is not an easy decision, but it’s a brave first step toward the life you deserve. Our Admissions Concierge Team is ready to help you get started today!   

Wondering why Lightfully’s Intensives are beneficial? Click here to read why.


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