Residential Care in Santa Monica

Our inpatient treatment facility in the Santa Monica neighborhood of Los Angeles provides 24-hour residential care in a beautiful, home-based setting. Here, at our Santa Monica facility, up to 6 clients can focus on their treatment and mental health needs in a supportive and relaxing space.

Our team works individually with you and your family to identify and support customized treatment based on your needs and goals. At Lightfully Santa Monica RTC, you can enjoy peace and tranquility on your journey to enhanced well being.

All of our Santa Monica bedrooms are tranquil spaces with gorgeous lighting and a healing sense of warmth. In our ample bedrooms, you can enjoy private services like massage therapy and acupuncture. Shared rooms are available at this location.

Contact us for more information about our Santa Monica residential care or any of our mental health centers in Los Angeles, Carlsbad, or Thousand Oaks.


Our Staff

Emily Eckstein
Emily Eckstein, PysD, LMFT | Vice President of Regional Operations
Justin DeGrabo
Justin DeGarbo | Program Manager
Marlon Cruz
Marlon Cruz | Director of Clinical Operations

Facility Location

Lightfully Santa Monica RTC

1414 San Vicente Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90402


1414 San Vicente Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90402

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