Should You Be Thinking Beyond a Same-Day Psychiatric Session?
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When it comes to your mental health, some days are harder than others. You might wake up sometimes and feel ready to take on the day. Other times it may be difficult to even get out of bed because of overwhelming mental distress. On those hard days, many people find comfort in a same-day psychiatrist session.

When you’re dealing with overwhelming negative thoughts or life-changing situations, a same-day psychiatrist session may help. It can help you improve your current mental well-being with the proper medication and guidance. But those emotions won’t just immediately disappear and never return. That’s why you need to think about how you’ll continue to progress on your mental health journey after a same-day psychiatrist session.

Read on to learn about when you should seek out a same-day psychiatrist session and long-term mental health solutions that you should explore afterward.

Why people book same-day psychiatrist sessions

If you’ve struggled with your mental health before or been diagnosed with a mental health disorder that interferes with your quality of life, you have likely seen a psychiatrist. A psychiatry session aims to determine what treatment options will work best for your specific mental distress. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication and make recommendations for psychotherapy. They can also determine if your mental health disorder requires a higher level of care.

You can book an appointment with a psychiatrist at any time. Here are a few possible reasons that you might book an immediate psychiatrist session:

  • You feel like your mental health is worsening and require a change in treatment.
  • You need a quick recommendation for psychotherapy.
  • You’re having suicidal thoughts and require admission into a psychiatric hospital.

Long-term mental health options following a same-day psychiatrist session

A same-day psychiatrist session can offer many benefits. You can receive a mental health disorder diagnosis with a change in treatment. But it’s important to think about how you’ll continue to progress on your mental health journey after you leave the session.

Addressing your mental health is a lifelong process. When you have a mental health disorder, continuously working toward a happier and healthier future is important. Here are some options to consider for mental health support following a same-day psychiatrist session:

  • Outpatient psychotherapy — Psychiatrists can determine the best medication to help alleviate your mental health disorder symptoms. Therapy is the other major treatment option for your symptoms that can help you for years to come. Your psychiatrist can make recommendations for a therapist. Psychotherapy gives you a space to discuss the thoughts and feelings that are influencing your mental health. 
  • Inpatient care — If your mental health disorder symptoms are worsening to the point where you’re at risk to yourself or others, then inpatient care could be the answer. Your psychiatrist can determine if you’re in need of hospitalization. Inpatient care refers to intensive behavioral and medical care. The length of an inpatient stay will depend on your symptoms and treatment response. The stay can last a few days up to a few weeks. 
  • Residential treatment — If you’re looking for a way to devote your time and energy to your struggling mental health for an extended period, then your psychiatrist may recommend a residential treatment program. It allows you to focus solely on your mental health in a safe, home-like environment. A residential treatment stay usually lasts about a month. It includes a personalized structured program to improve your behavioral and emotional health. 
  • Support groups — Many people find comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone with their mental and emotional struggles. There are support groups for nearly every type of mental health disorder. They consist of other people who can understand what you’re going through because they are going through something similar. Support groups provide a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings to people who can relate. 
  • Self-care — One of the best ways to improve your mental health on a daily basis is with self-care options. After you receive the proper medication prescription from your psychiatrist, you can combine it with lifestyle changes. These changes can help make a difference in your emotional and mental well-being. Activities like journaling and exercising can help you relax your mind and boost the serotonin levels in your brain.

Lightfully Behavioral Health can help you look beyond a same-day psychiatrist session

A same-day psychiatrist session can help with immediate mental health concerns. But it’s important to think into the future to determine the best ways to continuously improve your mental health. At Lightfully Behavioral Health, we offer a variety of treatment programs that can help after a same-day psychiatrist session, including outpatient care and Residential Treatment.

Change is possible. When you’re ready, reach out to our Admissions Concierge Team. We’ll take the next steps together, toward the fullest, brightest version of you.

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