Andie Hollowell, LMFT
Chief Growth Officer

Andie Hollowell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Chief Growth Officer for Lightfully Behavioral Health. Andie has worked in behavioral healthcare for the last 9 years and finds great purpose and passion when participating in and witnessing the growth of clients, teams, and organizations. Prior to her path in the healthcare field, Andie worked in capital finance. Andie’s unique collection of clinical and growth skills have contributed to her track record of growing dynamic, high performing teams centered in connection, servant leadership, and exceptional attention to client and provider experience. Andie is driven to do good work with good people.

Andie holds an MS in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from California Lutheran University. She lives in Thousand Oaks with her family and two mini dachshunds. Andie is a lifelong learner and can be found reading or expanding her mind in some fashion when she’s not running, hiking, biking, and yoga-ing.