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The article discusses how to tell whether or not online therapy for depression is necessary, based on factors such as symptom severity and duration. It provides a thorough review of online therapy options and choices from various providers. It also lists some of the more common signs of depression. Ultimately, it is up to a mental health provider to make a formal diagnosis and create a treatment plan.

There is a very helpful set of questions to consider when choosing an online therapy platform for depression. Some of the considerations include whether the person is physically and mentally healthy enough for online counseling, the cost of the subscription, the compatibility of the platform with the person’s technology, the cancellation policy, the schedule flexibility, and whether the platform is HIPAA-compliant.

It also discusses who should and should not use online therapy for depression. It is meant for individuals with mild to moderate depression symptoms. Those with active thoughts of suicide or a history of harming others should not participate in online therapy. Online therapy may not be appropriate for those whose mental health symptoms interfere with getting to therapy. Only with in-person therapy can clinicians fully evaluate a patient and make recommendations accordingly. The article also warns that patients who have thoughts of suicide should get immediate, in-person assistance.

According to a review published in the journal Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, internet-based interventions are effective in reducing depressive symptoms. However, the type of depression, severity, and how long you have been experiencing symptoms should be considered when deciding if online therapy for depression is right for you. Talk to your doctor or a licensed mental health expert.

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