What Mental Health Treatments Are Available for Kaiser Permanente Insurance Members?
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When it comes to your mental health, finding care that meets your needs should be a top priority. Among other needs, many people look for treatments within their insurance network. This includes people who use Kaiser Permanente insurance for their mental health treatments. In-network options can keep mental health treatments effective as well as affordable. If you are a Kaiser Permanente insurance member, you may be happy to know that Lightfully Behavioral Health is in-network for you. We offer a range of treatment options that you can access with the help of your insurance. By learning about the options available, you can take advantage of the comprehensive care we offer to our clients.

Top mental health treatment options available for Kaiser Permanente insurance members

Lightfully is committed to providing care that is accessible, evidence based and engaging. We can help address a range of mental health disorders at various levels of care. Our specialized treatments are designed to help each client reach a state of mental thriving. As someone with Kaiser Permanente, these are some of the mental health treatments you can access:

  • Residential Treatment — Do you need Residential Treatment? This kind of care can be great for people who need a safe and supportive environment. Residential Treatment is often effective for clients requiring 24-hour support. Clients may also benefit from the highly structured treatment. When it feels like your mental health is spiraling out of your control, residential care can be key to recovery. Sometimes people need intensive care in a serene home-based environment to get back on their feet. In this case, Residential Treatment may be an excellent choice.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment — Looking for a flexible intensive treatment option? Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs can provide what you are seeking. This kind of treatment is geared toward people who may not require 24/7 attention but still want intensive treatment and support. Intensive Outpatient Programs are often helpful for individuals experiencing mild to moderate symptoms.
  • Trauma-related disorder treatments — Trauma-related disorders should be met with specialized care and understanding. These mental health disorders are conditions connected in some way to traumatic experiences in your life. One of the most common examples is post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. With your insurance, you can find treatment that matches your needs. A good provider should offer a range of trauma-focused strategies. These focused treatments can help facilitate mental healing. Focused treatments may include special coping strategies tailored to your needs. Are you a Kaiser Permanente insurance member? Top-level care for trauma-related mental health disorders is available for you.
  • Mood disorder treatments — Mood problems like feeling very sad or having frequent ups and downs can sometimes be signs of a mood disorder. These disorders include conditions like depression and bipolar disorder. Other less known conditions such as complicated grief also fall under this umbrella. These issues can make life tough because they affect how you feel every day. Fortunately, there is hope. Lightfully’s clinical model, process-based therapy (PBT), often works well in treating mood disorders. This treatment combines a range of interventions selected for their proven results. If you have Kaiser Permanente insurance, this can help you. Our whole-person approach to mental health can be great for your mood disorder.
  • Personality disorder treatments — Our licensed clinical therapists have plenty of experience in treating personality disorders. This means we understand how these conditions can affect your daily life. Avoidant personality disorder, for example, can make it difficult to engage in social situations. Many personality disorders often involve self-esteem issues as well. Through our evaluations, we make sure to take the symptoms of these conditions into account. This is not the full extent of our care, though. At Lightfully, we also focus on you as a person. Our holistic care is tailored to the unique personality and needs of each individual. This empowers us to help clients develop the skills they need to succeed.
  • Anxiety disorder treatments Generalized anxiety disorder is one of many different anxiety disorders. When it comes to receiving treatment for these mental health disorders, seeking quality care is important. Process-based therapy can play a crucial role in this treatment. You may also benefit from special tools and techniques meant to relieve stress. By learning to manage your anxiety, you can work toward lasting improvement in your daily routine.

Lightfully can offer effective mental health treatment to Kaiser Permanente insurance members

Are you a Kaiser Permanente insurance member in need of top-notch mental health treatment? Lightfully Behavioral Health can provide care to help you meet your goals. From Residential Treatment to virtual options, we offer several levels of care to help address your mental health. With our help, you can start to explore your options and take the next step toward a healthier future.

Change is possible. When you’re ready to take the first step, reach out to our Admissions Concierge Team. We’ll take the next steps together, toward the fullest, brightest version of you.

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