11 Tips For Supporting Someone Struggling with Mental Health
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11 Tips For Supporting Someone Struggling with Mental Health

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“Though mental health concerns are common, it can be difficult to watch a loved one struggling with these issues. Whether it’s depression or anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or another of the many mental health issues that can affect someone’s life, looking out for a loved one who’s experiencing this kind of challenge requires some finesse and a lot of patience.”

This US News article talks about how loved ones – from friends to family – can better support individuals in their lives that struggle with mental health. The article first covers the basics: be an ally that holds conversations about mental health. In order to support a family member or friend with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, you need to really listen and take into account what the person is saying. From this foundation, the article goes on to include tips that go beyond daily support and into more detailed topics such as finding mental health treatment, the specifics of helpful mental health dialogue, and the importance of education surrounding the topic of mental health treatment.

Lightfully’s own Nicole Siegfried, Ph.D., CEDS, weighs in for the article with quotes and further discussion on supporting those around us with mental health issues.

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues, we’re here when you’re ready. Contact our mental health treatment center for more information.



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