3 Reasons to Consider Residential Treatment for Your Behavioral Health Issues
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Have traditional outpatient treatment programs not provided the help you need with your behavioral health conditions? Have they failed to provide the level of support that you need? Residential treatment centers may be the solution that works best for you. These treatment centers provide clients with a comfortable, therapeutic, home-like environment. They’re designed to help people stabilize and begin the recovery process. Do you think residential treatment may be right for your mental health? Be sure to read more about some of the top benefits it can provide for those experiencing behavioral health issues.

Can common behavioral health issues be improved with residential treatment?

Yes, many common behavioral health issues can be helped with a residential treatment program. Some of the top behavioral health issues that residential treatment can help include:

  • Depression — One type of behavioral health issue that can be addressed with residential treatment is depression. Depression is a term for a group of disorders that cause a person to experience periods of significant depressive or low moods. Depression can affect a person’s feelings, thoughts and behaviors in several ways. It can cause them to feel less interested in everyday activities, fatigue, and persistent sadness.

  • Anxiety disorderAnxiety disorders can be a source of behavioral health issues for many people. They often involve excessive worry or anxiety during daily activities. These disorders can create difficulty in performing daily tasks. Residential treatment can help provide clients with skills to manage anxious thoughts and behaviors so that they improve.

  • Bipolar disorderBipolar disorder is another type of mental health condition. It can cause dramatic shifts in a person’s mood. This disorder is characterized by periods of mania and periods of depression. Mania and depression can influence a person’s thoughts and behaviors. Behavioral health residential treatment can prove helpful for those with bipolar disorder. It can help them stabilize symptoms and equip them with new ways of coping.

How can residential treatment benefit people experiencing behavioral health issues?

There are many benefits associated with residential treatment programs. Some of the most common benefits for those with behavioral health issues include:

  • Access to daily psychotherapy groups and individual sessions — One of the top reasons to consider residential treatment for behavioral health issues is that it allows a person to have access to therapy every day. Many people struggle to manage their behavioral health issues. They find that outpatient therapy doesn’t provide the level of support that they need. Residential treatment facilities can offer high support at all hours of the day. Most residential treatment programs incorporate daily groups and frequent individual therapy sessions throughout the week.

  • Access to a safe environment — Residential treatment centers also provide physically and emotionally safe environments. Clients can address their behavioral health in a comforting, home-like environment with higher levels of observation and oversight and limited access to medications or agents of harm.

  • Professional care 24/7 — In addition to daily psychotherapy sessions, clients have access to support from a dynamic professional care team during all hours. Residential treatment programs provide clients with nurses, doctors and other care providers. These professionals ensure that their clients get the most well-rounded care possible.

  • Medication when necessary — Residential treatment centers also provide clients with access to medication. Some clients find that medication helps them manage their symptoms. The residential setting allows for clients to be observed during the self-administration of medication process to help improve medication adherence. 

Lightfully can provide residential treatment to clients experiencing behavioral health issues

Our mission is to provide high-quality mental health care to various types of clients. The framework of our clinic consists of evidence-based, clearly defined, data-driven and whole-person-centered care. That’s why we’re confident we can improve your behavioral health at one of our Residential Treatment Centers.

Lightfully offers various levels of care to both adults and teens: Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), also referred to as our Day Treatment Program. We also offer a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (vIOP) for adults. We meet each client where they are and create a treatment plan that is unique to their needs. 

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