Benefits of Process Based Therapy & Where It’s Offered in CA
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In California, approximately 1 in 7 adults lives with mental health disorder symptoms.

If you’re one of these people and are working to prioritize your mental health, go you! It’s important to explore your nearby treatment options. If you’ve started to search for mental health services in California, you may not have found a treatment program that “gets you.” Don’t give up hope! Educating yourself about different treatment options and approaches can help clarify what you’re looking for.

This article discusses a holistic treatment approach called process-based therapy. We’ll share its unique benefits. Then you’ll see where to find California-based therapists and mental health professionals who offer PBT.

PBT 101

Process-based therapy, or PBT, is a holistic approach to therapy. It helps the therapist and client see how contributing factors to a client’s mental, emotional and behavioral health interact to cause continuous issues.

The goal of PBT is to adjust how bio-psycho-social factors influence clients’ overall well-being. It uses treatment interventions to address the core issues of a person’s disorder symptoms. That way, they can grow and reach long-term mental health goals. Those issues boil down to difficulties with emotions, thoughts, relationships and behaviors.

How PBT stands out from other mental health services in California

Process-based therapy (PBT) is a versatile therapeutic approach that can be effective in addressing a variety of mental health conditions. PBT has an emphasis on self-exploration. The unfolding treatment process makes it particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with:

  • Relationship challenges
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Stress-related conditions

PBT includes strategies from other psychotherapy modalities and is able to be completely tailored to your human experience. PBT stands out from other mental health services and therapy approaches. This is because it combines aspects of different therapeutic approaches. It is also designed to help you treat your whole person, not just your diagnosis. 

There are dozens of psychotherapy approaches that can help alleviate your mental health disorder symptoms. They each have their own benefits. But three of the most common mental health therapies are: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). 

PBT combines the clinically effective aspects of these modalities to personalize the treatment approach for each client. By drawing from evidence-based psychotherapies, you can trust that we’re pulling from every source we can to help you. We’re able to provide you with a treatment plan that tackles your symptoms from every angle. They help us look at your current experiences that have been shaped by your past.

When it comes to treatment, it’s all about seeing the results of your hard work. With data-driven strategies, PBT provides sustainable change that you’re able to track throughout your mental health treatment journey. As you go through experiences that are impacted by the skills you’re learning, your therapist can continuously make adjustments as needed based on your progress and feedback.

How Lightfully utilizes PBT to provide mental health services in California

At Lightfully Behavioral Health, using PBT has allowed us to give you the support and insight you need to take control of your mental health. We are one of the first, and only, behavioral health organizations to utilize PBT in every personalized treatment plan

By using this clinical model, our licensed clinical therapists can help many people living with varying degrees of mental health disorders and distress. It’s been shown to be especially beneficial for people with mood disorders, anxiety disorders and personality disorders.

We utilize integrated interventions, such as arousal reduction, motivational enhancement, mindfulness, somatic integration and values clarification. These help to address the maladaptive processes that contribute to the maintenance of mental health disorders. These processes include:

  • Difficulty with relationships
  • Difficulty with emotions
  • Difficulty with thoughts
  • Difficulty with behaviors

Integrated interventions take into account every dimension of the human experience:

  • Behavior
  • Thoughts/cognition
  • Sense of self 
  • Motivation 

The framework of our treatment plans consist of evidence-based, clearly defined, data-driven treatment. We incorporate PBT into every level of care because we want to treat you beyond your symptoms through whole-person-centered care.

You can explore the mental health treatment options at our locations throughout California. We’re located in San Jose, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles and San Diego. You can also look into the Lightfully Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program.


If you are considering PBT for your mental health treatment, or need help navigating any other steps on the road to recovery, contact our caring Admissions Concierge Team today. 

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