How Lightfully’s Teen Summer Reset Intensive Can Benefit You and Your Family

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Teenagers! These special people are in such a unique, transitional phase of life, toggling between their elementary past and grown-up future. Teens face significant and simultaneous changes during this time: physically, emotionally, and mentally, and the pressures they navigate can feel overwhelming at times. While summer is a time for fun and relaxation for many, it can also increase stress and anxiety for teenagers.   

Lightfully Teen’s Summer Reset Intensives can be a beneficial option for teens of all genders, ages 12-17, dealing with a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, trauma-related disorder, or personality disorder — or experiencing chronic suicidality and/or self-harm. Our diverse clinical team of licensed therapists creates a treatment plan for each client, helping teens better understand the cause of their emotional or behavioral challenges.  

While it can feel overwhelming for teenagers to leave their comfort zone, receiving short-term treatment with Lightfully’s Summer Reset Intensive can offer a few unique benefits:   

  1. A welcome break from the school year’s academic and social pressures  
  2. Safe, structured routines when schedules are typically more relaxed and unstructured  
  3. Time dedicated specifically to rest, relaxation, and self-care.  
  4. Social connection and friendship with other teens who may have experienced similar challenges back home, and regularly face feelings of loneliness and isolation.  
  5. (For those attending in-person Intensives) Fun summer activities like beach walks, hikes, yard games, and creative outings. 

Having a sense of stability and predictability can reduce anxiety and stress. Our unique clinical model and creative activities allow us to connect with teens on a meaningful level. In addition, our programs during the summer provide teenagers with a structured schedule of activities and therapy sessions. This structure can help them establish a routine, which can be especially beneficial for those struggling with mental health issues.   

Here’s what to expect from Lightfully’s Summer Reset Intensives:  

  1. 2-4 weeks of 24/7 Residential treatment, outpatient treatment, or virtual treatment, depending on the client’s individual needs and issues. Each client’s timeframe can extend based on clinical progress and level of need. Lightfully’s Reset Intensives include a combination of individual and group therapy sessions with ample time for leisure and personal time on your phone or device.  
  2. A treatment plan featuring PBT that helps clients feel seen and understood 🤗 
  3. Access to diverse and accepting licensed clinical therapists that support clients beyond their time at Lightfully  
  4. Learn and apply new treatment strategies to help teens cope with the curve balls of life ⚾️

If you or your teen is struggling with mental health issues, consider contacting our Admissions Concierge Team to explore the benefits of treatment at Lightfully. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and there is no shame in prioritizing your mental health.   

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