How to Talk to Your Kids About the War in Ukraine
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The War in Ukraine and Children’s Mental Health.

The war in Ukraine can be a difficult topic to discuss with your kids, but it’s important to be mindful of their reactions and try to limit their exposure to media. You can also have conversations a little bit at a time, and if your child isn’t ready to talk about it, that’s okay. Just introduce the topic and revisit it when they’re ready. The key to approaching difficult topics with children is pacing and patience, otherwise, there may be further negative implications for the mental health of your child. Parents, whether they’re knowledgeable about mental health or not, know the same thing about war as children: war is scary.

If your child is particularly upset by world events, consider finding a therapist for them to talk to. Average American households don’t always think of mental health as something a child interacts with, but getting help early on is the best-case scenario. Lightfully Behavioral Health mental health services and mental health treatment center admissions are a great place to start your research or begin the journey to improve and protect either your or your children’s mental health.

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