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Teaching Kids How to Entertain Themselves Can Be Hard. Here’s Where to Begin.

“The major caveat to teaching kids how to entertain themselves is that we must think beyond the use of technology,” said Megan Ledet, LCSW, our Vice President of Adolescent Services at Lightfully Behavioral Health for VeryWell Family. As the COVID-19 pandemic came to a head, parents around the world realized that working from home also meant that every day was going to be Bring Your Child to Work Day. Though quarantine and lockdown have had a large impact on mental health, they also have had a large impact on how family members interact with each other.

Whether you need to work from home with kids around or just need a little break, teaching and encouraging your kids to entertain themselves will be incredibly valuable. The article discusses ways that parents can teach their children to entertain themselves, without relying on screens or technology. Some tips include providing open-ended toys, making sure the child has access to what they need and setting limits on screen time. This can help the child learn how to use their imagination and creativity.

If you’d like to know more about children’s behavioral health or mental health services, check out Lightfully Behavioral Health. 

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