Dr. Nicole Siegfried PhD., CEDS, Discusses Social Media and Mental Health on KABC

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The effects of social media can be both immediate and long-lasting. Many images that people see on social media are unrealistic and can cause FOMO (fear of missing out). Lightfully’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Nicole Siegfried PhD., CEDS, spoke with KABC about a study that found that one week away from social media can boost one’s overall wellbeing.

The news feature discusses a recent study that found that taking a break from social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for just one week can lead to significant improvements in mental health. Dr. Siegfried explains that this is likely due to the fact that social media can be very stressful, as it often presents FOMO – fear of missing out, as well as an unrealistic view of life and can be a breeding ground for negative feedback and bullying. However, she notes that there are some positive aspects of social media that can boost mental health, and so she recommends a harm reduction approach that involves lessening the impact of social media rather than completely abstaining from it. This can be done by spending less time on social media, choosing helpful sites to follow, and creating no-phone zones in certain areas or situations such as in the bedroom or at the dinner table.


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