Lightfully Is a Blue Shield of CA Psychiatrist Partner

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Mental health affects every aspect of our lives. We are happiest and healthiest when our mind, body and spirit are all getting plenty of nourishment and exercise. When one part is neglected, the others feel the negative effects. So most health insurance providers recognize that “mental health is health.” If you have health insurance, it will likely cover some or all of your mental health care costs.

Just like our physical bodies get sick or suffer from disease, our minds can also become unwell. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who prescribes treatments for mental health conditions, and for many of them, psychotherapy is a first-line measure. The issue is that many mental health care providers only accept a couple of different insurance carriers. Paying out of pocket is sometimes an option, but it usually doesn’t compare to the savings you get with insurance.

At Lightfully we accept many popular insurance plans for mental health and psychiatric services, including Blue Shield of CA.

Get your mental health treatment covered

When you first start searching for mental health care providers, you’ll likely run into a few limitations. You have to consider which professionals work in your geographic area, what they specialize in, and if they accept your insurance. For instance, your choices may be limited to psychiatrists who accept Blue Shield of CA, if that’s your insurer. Other things you might consider are how many years they’ve been in practice and what kinds of credentials they have.

Knowing what level of care you need is just as important as choosing the right care provider. At Lightfully, our programs are a bit more comprehensive than weekly outpatient therapy. Our levels of care range from several hours of daily outpatient treatment to 24-hour care in one of our homelike residences. 

Lightfully is a Blue Shield of CA psychiatric and mental health partner. If you have this coverage, our outpatient and residential programs may be deeply discounted or free for you.

Lightfully can help with the following psychiatric conditions covered by Blue Shield of CA:

Trauma-related disorders

Personality disorders

Mood disorders

Other symptoms

Why California loves Lightfully 

California residents love Lightfully for a lot of reasons. We’re female founded and female owned, which isn’t always easy to find in behavioral health. Lightfully is also one of the first and only mental health care providers focused solely on primary mental health care. We treat the whole person with clinical expertise, deep compassion and a rigorous commitment to measurable results. Our clinics are communities where everyone is seen, heard and valued as their authentic selves, including our staff. We take care of ourselves and each other. 

With insurance from Blue Shield of CA, psychiatric and mental health treatment are covered.

Here are a few more reasons why Californians are choosing Lightfully:

  • Locations — We have beautiful, homelike residences and treatment centers in these convenient locations: the Bay Area, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • Virtual programming — Residents can participate in treatment at home with our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (vIOP).
  • Whole-person treatment approach — Our staff knows you’re more than a diagnosis, so each client gets a holistic, personalized treatment plan. We use process-based therapy (PBT) to optimize core human processes that work together for wellness.
  • Favorable outcomes — Lightfully clients see a significant decrease in symptoms during treatment, and 90% would recommend Lightfully to someone else. Here’s more detail on those statistics and some kind words from past Lightfully clients.

See a Lightfully Behavioral Health psychiatrist with your Blue Shield of CA insurance

Lightfully offers psychiatric and mental health services to Blue Shield of CA insurance members. We know you expect high-quality, proactive care from professionals you can trust. That’s why we designed our clinics to be the perfect environments for evidence-based, clearly defined, data-driven and whole-person-centered care.

Change is possible. When you’re ready to take the first step, reach out to our Admissions Concierge Team. We’ll take the next steps together, toward the fullest, brightest version of you.

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