Support Groups for Teens: What They Are and How They Benefit Mental Health
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Is your teen currently grappling with a mental health disorder? As a parent or caregiver, you likely want to see your teen thriving, especially when it comes to mental health. The good news is that there are plenty of steps you can take to help your child. Adolescence tends to be a challenging time filled with transitions, pressures and uncertainty. For a teen with a mental health disorder, these difficulties are generally made more intense and coupled with unique mental health challenges. During these times, resources like mental health support groups can provide valuable assistance and community to your teen. Educating yourself on the available resources and their benefits can enable you to help your child get the help they need.

Mental health support group options for teenagers

  • Lightfully online support groups — Looking for an easily accessible support group? At Lightfully Behavioral Health, we offer mental health support groups that can be accessed for free online. Our support groups are pro-recovery. In each weekly meeting, we focus on improvement and healing in a collaborative, judgment-free environment. Our support groups can be a great way to explore solutions and get inspired. In addition to our virtual support groups, we also offer a range of other free resources. These include an informative video feed and an extensive teen-focused blog.
  • ADAA support groups — The ADAA is the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. In addition to other resources, the ADAA offers both virtual and in-person support groups throughout the United States and Canada. If your teen is struggling with anxiety or depression, these support groups can be a valuable resource. In addition to finding a support group for your teen, you can also find ADAA support groups geared toward parents and caregivers. These can be a helpful source of information and emotional support for yourself.
  • National helpline — If you live in the United States, you can take advantage of the national helpline offered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This helpline is free and confidential and offers support in English as well as Spanish. While the helpline isn’t a support group, it can be a great source of immediate, responsive mental health support.

Benefits of support groups for teens

  • Peer support — A support group can provide a space for your teen to communicate with other teens in similar situations. Hearing about the perspectives and experiences of peers can be an enlightening experience. Peers often offer valuable insights and encouragement. Having a peer support network often plays a crucial role in a teen’s recovery process. As your teen copes with challenges and makes progress toward improvement, a peer support group can be a constant source of hope.
  • Validation — Does your teen have trouble with self-doubt? Sharing their feelings with others who have similar struggles can help to validate your teen’s experiences. Validation is key to eliminating stigmas and reducing feelings of self-doubt or shame. As a major adult figure in a teen’s life, your words of validation are also important. Feeling validated can encourage your teen to express themselves more openly and confidently.
  • Mental health education — Knowledge is power. By learning more about mental health, your teen can become more equipped to deal with the obstacles ahead. Support groups generally provide a great platform for teens to get a better understanding of their condition. Beyond gaining insights into their condition, your teen can also discover the best ways to move forward. For example, support groups often spend some time sharing effective coping strategies. By putting these strategies into practice, your teen can learn to manage their symptoms and improve their overall well-being. A good support group will provide practical advice from peers and professionals alike.

Lightfully Behavioral Health can help your teen connect with a support group

Looking for support groups and other resources to benefit your teen? Lightfully Behavioral Health offers a range of mental health resources and services including a free online support group. We also provide personalized mental health treatment at multiple levels of care. Our programs are designed to center the client as a person rather than a diagnosis. By taking advantage of our array of services, your teen can get the help and guidance they need.

Change is possible. In addition to mental health support groups, holistic treatments can lead to great results. When your teen is ready to experience the benefits of mental health treatment, reach out to our Admissions Concierge Team.

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