The Complete Guide to Our Innovative Clinical Model

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One of the key differences in Lightfully Behavioral Health’s ground-breaking approach to care is our clinical model, which is rooted in Process Based Therapy (PBT).

PBT is an innovative therapeutic framework that addresses the core processes of human suffering. Instead of just a narrow emphasis on symptom reduction, PBT focuses on the different mental and emotional processes perpetuating the symptoms—and without the guardrails of any single diagnosis or protocol.

We pride ourselves on our ability to partner with clinicians, and especially when they are referring patients who have complex needs or are facing multiple challenges. And that partnership includes providing the details on our clinical model and overall approach to therapy.

We hope you’ll download the Lightfully Clinical Model Guide, review it when your busy schedule allows, and reach out if you have any questions. In the guide, you will learn more about:

  • Process Based Therapy
  • Our holistic approach, which focuses on four core areas of suffering
  • How we identify appropriate evidence-based interventions
  • The data-driven assessments that help us measure progress
  • Our comprehensive training model
  • A full continuum of care—from extended stays in residential treatment centers all the way through to virtual outpatient support—that is unmatched in the industry

Download the Lightfully Clinical Model Guide now.

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