4 Ways Residential Treatment Can Help Improve Your Mental Health
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Do you know about residential treatment for mental health? It’s an option for people who may need help and support in managing their mental health. Residential treatment happens in a place that feels like home and can support many clients at once. Clients live in these home-like settings for several weeks as part of the program, taking steps toward living more independently. Residential treatment can be effective at treating a variety of mental health conditions. If you are thinking about residential treatment, here’s what you should know about the benefits and the kinds of mental health conditions it’s most beneficial for.

What types of mental health conditions can residential treatment help?

While residential treatment can be beneficial for the treatment of a wide range of mental health disorders, here are a few that are particularly well addressed in such programs: 

  • Personality disorders — Personality disorders involve individuals behaving, thinking or feeling in ways that may be considered socially inappropriate. People with personality disorders may exhibit impulsive behaviors and struggle with regulating their emotions.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)PTSD can develop after someone has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. This trauma-related disorder often brings about nightmares, heightened anxiety levels and distressing flashbacks. These symptoms may affect a person for any period of time, ranging from a few months to many years. PTSD is frequently observed in soldiers who have experienced combat, as well as in survivors of abuse and natural disasters. 

Can residential treatment benefit someone’s mental health?

It’s true that residential treatment centers can improve a person’s mental health. Here are some of the top benefits the residential treatment can provide:

  • Helps clients leave unhealthy situations — One of the top benefits of residential treatment is that it can help people struggling to manage their mental health leave unhealthy environments that may be contributing to some of their difficulties. Many clients see positive mental health changes when moving to healthier environments.

  • Provides access to care at all hours — Another benefit of receiving treatment from a residential center is that mental health treatment is accessible during all hours of the day. Clients who need more support often struggle to receive it outside of business hours. At a residential treatment center, a support team is available to the clients who need them at any hour of the day. Not sure if this level of support is right for you? Here’s when you know it’s time to go to a mental health facility near you.

  • Provides access to treatment with people in similar situations — Clients may find it reassuring to meet people in similar situations also going through treatment. It may help them find people to relate with.

  • Offers access to an alumni support network — Residential treatment can also provide access to a support network. Most treatment centers have a large network of alumni. These individuals completed their treatment program and can support those going through treatment.

Lightfully can provide high-quality residential treatment

Our mission at Lightfully is to provide data-driven, evidence-based, and whole-person-centered care to clients with mental health disorders. We help clients manage their mental health symptoms with live-in treatment at several residential locations.

Lightfully offers various levels of care to both adults and teens: Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), also referred to as our Day Treatment Program. We also offer a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (vIOP) for adults. We meet each client where they are and create a personalized long-term treatment plan, with each client’s plan fully customized for their needs.

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