Mental Health Startup Expands In California
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Lightfully Behavioral Health Expanding in California

Lightfully Behavioral Health, a mental health startup, plans to expand its operations in California. The company has two clinics in the state and is looking to set up eleven more. In 2022, the company made several announcements, including the launch of two mental health facilities, plans to hire hundreds of California-based employees and the implementation of a new clinical care model. This expansion will help more people receive mental health treatment in their local communities.

Lightfully Behavioral Health is committed to providing high-quality mental health care. The company offers a variety of services, such as counseling, therapy, and medication management. Lightfully also provides crisis intervention services and can connect patients with community resources. With its expansion in California, Lightfully will be able to reach even more people who need mental health services.

Lightfully Behavioral Health takes a different approach to mental health services with their revolutionary process-based therapy clinical model. Process-based therapy is an innovative, unified framework for mental health care that integrates fundamental elements of evidence-based therapies to address the whole person and their core challenges. Lightfully is one of the first and only behavioral health organizations to use this transformative model.

Learn more about Lightfully’s revolutionary Process Based Therapy clinical model.

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