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What is anxious attachment and how can it be addressed?
September 25, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Interpersonal connections are a fundamental part of the human experience. When you are dealing with anxiety symptoms, you might find it more challenging to navigate these connections. Stress and intense fear of failure can put a strain on your relationships. […]

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What types of meds are used to treat ADHD?
September 19, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Are you having trouble focusing, making decisions or thinking your actions through? You might be dealing with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). When you are searching for a solution to help manage your symptoms, finding one that treats you as a whole […]

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Fawning: What it is, its link to trauma, and how teens can address it
September 14, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have you ever found yourself doing whatever it takes to avoid conflict? Do you often become a people pleaser for those around you even when they don’t seem to have your best interests at heart? Do you find that you […]

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6 top symptoms of sleep deprivation
September 7, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every healthy adult should get at least about seven hours of sleep per night. That’s the typical amount of rest adults need to stay happy and healthy. Children and teenagers often require more than seven hours of sleep to be […]

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Munchausen vs. Munchausen by proxy: What you need to know
August 25, 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen by proxy are both factitious disorders involving the fabrication or induction of symptoms of diseases and even altering lab tests. Both conditions are recognized mental health issues. Those with either conditions pretend they or those under […]

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Driving anxiety is ruining my life: What should I do?
January 26, 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you feel like driving anxiety is ruining your life? Are you plagued with worry each time you enter a car and begin driving? Do you automatically think about the worst-case scenarios each time you get into a vehicle? Is […]

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